The Adventures of the Amazing Alphabet.

Splish, splash, splonk….

“Hum ….La de dum, Hummmmmmmm.”

Splish, Splash …

Where was it coming from?

Miss “A” for Attitude smiled and waved her spindly arms.

A long thread of wool began to unwind from her cardigan. I watched in fascination, what would happen if the rest of the wool unraveled.

Then another splash reminded me that there was water coming from the drawer … How could that be?

At times it’s a very lonely place to be.

  I've been working in my own elemental direction for years now. At times it can be a really  lonely space. No one  at home has any comprehension of what I do, what needs to be done, or even how to do it. I mean the family understands and is very proud of what I…