Travel – testing.

One of my secrets for sanity and health safety is that sometimes in hotel rooms with a past, I carry a silk sleeping cocoon that also covers the pillow… yep, I had to bring it out today.

I also carry my own quilt! sigh, Pamela.

Lets talk about the Chicken Bus.

Extra seats are added, racks on the roof to carry produce and I saw a goat and trussed sheep up there on one occasion. They whizz around those high mountain roads at break neck speeds. I would love a ride on one but I had a vision of the headlines. “Aussie grandmother meets her demise on a Chicken Bus”

The decorations are very interesting, and they just sparkle, not an ounce of dust on the shiny sides.

Danger in the Desert – of sorts.

You are also so high that you can’t see much, just the outline of the roof…. and this little possum ended up with a painful, neck after hitting the roof so many times..probably 40 or so.

So with all this behind me, I jumped in the front seat and claimed my spot… Keith was comfy in the back seat. We picked up 4 youngish Indian people and a small child. We had to wait 20 mins for them… but we chatted and I was unaware of what was to come.

Next stop Mexico.

I begin my blog today is a state of nervousness and high excitement brace in a few days I’m off to Mexico and Guatemala for a month.

Why nervous?

Well, I’m always a little nervous entering another country on my own. Of course I’m not going to be on my own, I will be with friends always, but yes, it’s an adventure and I look forward to sharing my ideas on textile art