The way I see things – translating your images to textile art.

I see things. Well, not bad things, I see things that make my heart stir. It’s not like a scary movie. I call it Capture and Create. I’m doing a lunch time lecture in Houston called “You must plant seeds today for a harvest later”  These are the things I will be sharing, plant the…

Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.

It’s July, I’ve traveled 4 times this year, been away for 106 days, traveled 124,241 air miles, visited 17 cities in 6 countries and that doesn’t include the land miles… which are in the 1000’s of course. And the surprising thing is that it’s all in the name of Textile Art. Travel is the only…

Faces of the Festival.

Today, I  added the portraits of the wonderful people we met at the Santa Fe Folk Art Festival.                      

200 stories in textiles.

Take the time to sit down, and appreciate the beauty of these art pieces. They are created by Co-operatives in countries far from our shores.

The gift of time out for an artist on the road.

If I’m not actively busy I begin to feel that I should be home with my family or working on my major project. It’s always been that way when I’m traveling. Downtime often feels like I’m living in excess, but it’s a little difficult to actually go from one event to another time wise when you are 17,000 miles from home.

Two gals on the road, – learning to ‘see’

I’m 69 and I’ve made a concerted effort over the past few years to ‘observe’. I sort of feel that I probably have another 10-15 years left to really ‘see’ and I sure don’t want to miss anything. That doesn’t seem long enough for me but it’s reality.

Two gals on the road.

I’m a textile artist with no apologies and when I’m not teaching, lecturing or being a grandma I take out the camera and capture the preciousness around me.