Images of Mexico City.

I put on another jacket today. One of a tour escort, so this morning was spent going over the paperwork and checking, checking and double checking the paperwork. I was still tired but forced myself to go out and walk… I’m very familiar with this area of Mexico City and it was wonderful to loose myself in the mysteries of a busy Sunday afternoon. I watched ballet on a big screen, wandered through small markets in the park and just observed the throng of people.

Christmas and our hero’s

Our family is large, 13 children, Keith and I and 26 Grandchildren.

I birthed 3 children and other mothers from impoverished situations gave us the joy of giving a future to their children.

Some of children had been abandoned at birth, others were in dangerous situations, and some that I can’t even explain.

Lets talk about the Chicken Bus.

Extra seats are added, racks on the roof to carry produce and I saw a goat and trussed sheep up there on one occasion. They whizz around those high mountain roads at break neck speeds. I would love a ride on one but I had a vision of the headlines. “Aussie grandmother meets her demise on a Chicken Bus”

The decorations are very interesting, and they just sparkle, not an ounce of dust on the shiny sides.

Passenger trains have passed through an incredibly busy market 8 times a day for almost 30 years…
Lily, our guide explained that the market is overflowing and there is no more room for vendors, so when some enterprising folk saw that the space by the train line was free, they gradually put their stalls right next to the line. As the train arrives, the produce is lifted or rolled back like a well coordinated race team the canopies are removed and the train passes through. Within a few minutes products are put back in place and the overhead canvas is unfurled, it’s an incredible sight. The train actually passes over the produce…. OK, I’m not going to buy any of it… but its the way it is….

Time in the shed

I've  been 'flat chat' for days now and little time to do the blog. BUT, I had a day with Tilly yesterday and she has decided to try her hand at sewing with a real needle. I just couldn't help but document it. I put dots in pen either side of the fabric and she…