The classes I teach

Summer Time Ribbon Teal Thin

 So here it is.

I’ve been teaching quilting and textile art for a long time, at least 25 years now.
My ideas and techniques have changed a great deal over that time and I now work mainly from my own photographic imagery which I transfer to cloth in one way or another.

I see myself as a journalist in fabric. Each quilt tells a story.

I teach multiple processes in each quilt which adds to its distinctive effect. However, some of my quilts echo the traditions of traditional quilt making and a cultural distinctiveness.

I have been nominated and finalist as The ICAP teacher of the year  several times. I’m yet to win the top prize, but I think being nominated by my students and peers is an honour.
I was also lucky enough to win the Jewel Pearce Patterson Scholarship for international quilt  teachers through IQA.  

I’ve taught all over the globe and I love the challenge of teaching in another language. I’m thrilled to say that many of my students have gone on to become Tutors and proven winners in their own right and this teacher for one is very proud.

Class No 1.      Painting with thread  – Inspired to stitch.


The wolf

A one, two or three-day class for all levels of experience.

  1. In this class you will learn how to create and interesting back ground for your quilt rather than use a single piece of fabric.
  2. The class is a perfect marriage of both painting with ink and painting with thread. When the ink, cloth and stitch come together you achieve an effect like this. The composition will comprise unique arrangements of surface texture and color.
  3. The majority of the thread painting is achieved by using a free motion Zig Zag stitch.
  4. The quilt is quilted and appliquéd at the same time and the quilting is described as ‘contour quilting’
  5. I have 5 different patterns.

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Summer Time Ribbon Teal Thin

Class No 2. Painting with thread – Back to the beginning Portraits, drawn to stitch.

IMG (3)


A  two or three-day class for all levels of experience. Masterclass over  5 days.

The moment one gives close attention to anything, even a blade of grass, it becomes a mysterious, awesome, indescribably magnificent world in itself.

  1. This is a technique I have adapted. This quilt looks like a painting and I will teach you how to achieve this effect. No long lines of stitching, but  the sticking lines are similar to a pencil drawing, small and directional. You will learn basic art and photography techniques on how to achieve a very realistic thread painted image.
  2. Everybody has style!
    Some go for simplicity, others like more detail. You may tend to carefully stitch your image or you may take a more haphazard approach.
    Perhaps you have a favorite design element or two.. Also consider your personal stitching style.There are no right or wrong methods. Its all personal choice.For me, drawing with thread is where creative license begins. This is where I begin to move things, change values, construct or deconstruct. It is the start.

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Summer Time Ribbon Teal Thin

Class No 3.  Geraldine the Giraffe, Inspired to stitch.

DSC02604 - Version 2

Geraldine the Giraffe

A two day  class for all levels of experience.

This is a new class and I think it’s going to be one of my most popular classes from the comments made on my web page and Social Media. !!

I’ve had this idea for some time. My photos from Kenya were the  inspiration and I’m currently working on a large piece in the same genre.

  1. In this class you will learn a great deal about values and textures.
  2. This is not a quilt to use up your scrap fabrics. You can see I have carefully chosen specific fabrics for texture and color balance.
  3. You will learn a great deal about color.
  4. The stitching is appliquilted. (appliquéd and quilted) at the same time. Free motion thread sketching on the raw edge appliqué.
  5. You learn a great deal in this class.

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Summer Time Ribbon Teal Thin

Class No 4. Quoth the Raven Nevermore – Random Precision.


Bird on a tree

A two day class for all levels of experience.

This work is constructed from throw away pieces. Non perfect textiles. I used furnishing fabric, hand printed illustrations and my own drawing.

  1. There is a precision to this piece despite the fact that its made from scraps.
  2. Each student will bring their own fabrics and create their own special piece.
  3. Its between categories and if you want to push the limits of your experience this is the class for you.
  4. As a surface it lends itself to  extensive reworking.

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Summer Time Ribbon Teal Thin

Class No 5. Inspired to stitch – Capture and Create.


Requiem to the elephant

A one day class for all levels of experience.

Use an image from you camera  capture and learn to convert it to a line drawing.

The image is subtle, and its a  balance of  the delicacy of the thread and palette.

  1. I will teach you creative thread sketching.
  2. Learn how to use your computer to prepare the image.
  3. Talk about basic art techniques.
  4. Learn the technique of  contour quilting.  You may not complete the quilting in one day, but if you take a two day class you will finish the quilt.

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Summer Time Ribbon Teal Thin

Class No 6.    The House of Whimsy.

A three to five day class.



It’s a fun quilt where you can use you imagination and add your own whimsical interpretation.

You will complete the entire quilt and learn at least 6 different techniques.

  1. Illustrative raw edge appliqué.
  2. Fabric illustration (you will create your own fabric)
  3. Angelic Applique using wool felt.
  4. Perfect piecing.
  5. Dimensional applique.
  6. Wooow Quilting.

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Summer Time Ribbon Teal Thin

Class No 7. Sockittome.

Illustrative applique.


This class was developed as an online exercise. Choose a subject from the three I suggested and of course, up came the socks.

You don’t have to do socks, but on the other hand, they are just super. This is a class where you travel an image, (or provide your own) and you color in the image to create your own fabric.

  • You tell me you can’t draw, well in reality all you have to do is to trace a picture, color it and then quilt it.
  • Then we look at some very different quilting.

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Class No 8. Inspired to stitch, thread sketch – Capture and Create

The Woman

This is a one day class for all levels of experience.

It looks difficult, but it’s deceptively easy and takes your free motion quilting to another level. It is indeed a one day class and you will complete the woman and get wonderful advice on the background quilting.

I will have 4 patterns for you to choose from but the requirements list is the same for each pattern.

This project looks wonderful on re-purposed fabric. I used an old cotton table cloth for the background. I enhanced the embroidery in the original fabric as a feature and added a few ‘extra’s’. It’s just plain different and looks spectacular.



Class No 9. Inspired to stitch, The Market.- Capture and Create.




Thread painting


  1. Wendy Dyhr says

    Hello Pam, I just love your classes 3 & 5. Would love to opportunity to participate. Do you have any of this classes operating? Looking forward to hearing of your new teaching in Mexico.


  2. Hi Pam,
    I am interested in taking your thread painting class for protraits. Do you have a class schedule posted somewhere? Thanks. I love your work.


  3. Hi Pam,
    I’m wondering if you’d be interested in teaching a workshop for the Hudson River Valley Art Workshops in 2017. See our website for more information about our venue. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Kim LaPolla


    • Deborah Williams says

      Kim I hope Pam can come to Hudson Valley. I always miss getting into Pam’s classes at Houston, this year inckuded.


  4. I’m really astonished by your works. I’ll begin to follow you and your exibition. There’s a possibiliti you can come in Italy in the future ? Your phantasie and ixpiration make me so happy, I’m a quilter who works with passion, lot of passion. I’m waiting for next news about you and send my “Ciao, ciao!!”
    Tullia Ferrero
    Roma Italia


  5. Judy Hoxie says

    Pam, I am taking your portrait class at Empty spools in April. I do not see an email address on the website and wish to send you the pictures I am considering for that class. How must I do that?

    Judy Hoxie


  6. Hi Pam –

    I’m taking your Chalk and Cheesecloth class at Houston in Nov. In the supply list it says to contact you for clarification on the fusible web. I don’t have anything that would be a yard square in a single piece, but I assume it’s okay to have it in multiple pieces since I don’t think I’ve ever seen it that wide. I have package of Wonder Under 805R that is 15″ x 2 yds. That’s not quite a yard square, but would it be sufficient? I also have a large roll of 12″ Steam-a-Seam 2 Lite so I could cut a 3 yd piece of that.

    Also, the supply list specifies a pack of 10/8 Microtex needles. Should that be 60/8?




  7. Maryam Saedavi says

    Dear Pam,
    my pleasure met you in the Dubai on 08/10/2016 in the shop classic quilt , hopefully very soon meet you again and attend your work shop , you are amazing.


  8. Patty Wiggins says

    Pam, i am takinghT your class in Houston Chalk and Cheescloth, your supplies called for pkg 10/8 Schmetz Microtex needles, and I have not been able to find them, could you tell me where I am able to find those. Thanks, and I am looking forward to your class.


  9. Mayleen Vinson says

    Pam, I took your cat Thread Painting class in Houston. Could you remind me which machine settings were used? Thanks!


    • We didn’t drop the feed dogs and you leave the machine on ordinary settings… if you do a zig zag…. and to be honest I don’t usually do that on the cat, it was 1.5 stitch width and 1.5 stitch length.


  10. Philippa Taylor says

    Hi Pam, I would love to take a class but can’t find a schedule anywhere. Will you be teaching in Australia anytime sooon. I live in the Northern Rivers area of N.S.W. Thank you. Pip Taylor


  11. ellen friedman says

    I would love to take your thread painting portrait course or any thread painting course. I know you will be at Hudson River valley art workshop in April. Due to prior commitment I won’t be able to take that one. Are you teaching in the US at any other times during the year?


  12. gWEN jACKSON says

    hI Pam
    I would like to host a class during your time in New York Please let me know if that is still possible
    I live in Mount Vernon, New York, very close to New York City. We have a studio where we have classes, I have also been asked by my quilt club to find out if you would be interested in doing a classs while you are on this side of the world.
    I can be reached at
    Hope there is still time to set up a class


  13. Jeanna says

    Hi Pam,

    You have visited the SEWQ In Kennewick, WA several years ago. We are interested to know if you will be traveling this way in teaching a class and having a program at our meeting. Please email me at email below.

    Take care,



  14. Nancy Caro says

    Hello Pam and others…I was wondering if you have a suggested list of aurifil thread colors for skin and eye colors? Hazel, blue eye color suggestions? How about various skin colors? Thanks

    Nancy Caro


  15. Jill Banta says

    Pam i tried to take your class in Houston last year on Geraldine the giraffe unfortunately I did get in. I love this and want to know if you sale this pattern. Are you teaching it this year?


  16. Sue Zlamport says

    Hi Pam!

    Do you ever teach classes in or around Denver? Would love to make Geraldine Giraffe! I live in a small town in the Rockies so Denver is the closest big city. Do you sell kits?

    Thank you! Your work is beautiful!



  17. Lesley Lyons Leith Tasmania says

    Hi Pam,
    Thank you for a very enjoyable workshop at Longford this weekend. A great time had by all even if we didn’t get Geraldine finished. Would love to do some more class with you in the future. Please keep me posted.


  18. Pam Prosser says

    Hello Pam
    I so wanted to take you Geraldine the Giraffe class in Paducah, can you please let me know if you have any cancelations
    I understand it is currently SOLD OUT
    Thanks, us Pam’s need to stick together 😉🌻👍


  19. Jeanna says

    Hi Pam, Southeastern Washington quilters would love to have you come for a class and program. When?


  20. Taylor Anderson says

    Hello Pam. I love your work. You are such an inspiration to all of us aspiring quilt artists and thread painters and am wondering if you come to Canada, BC in particular, or do you have a series of online classes/workshops your devoted followers could access? I look forward to your reply. Thank you again.


  21. Jay says

    I am in the Rose City Quilters in Palmerston North,NZ.. Just saw some half finished Geraldines that some ladies in our guild made. They are wonderful and how did I not know about this class??? I am so very sorry that I missed it. Hope the pattern will be out soon. I am moving back to the States soon and hope that you will be doing this class in the Reno, NV area. Cheers. Jay


  22. Sherri says

    Hi Pam, do you have a video tutorial of Geraldine for sale? She is amazing?


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