The important things in life.

Its early Photomorning and the best time to catch the family at home so I’ve been on the computer for a while already.

I have the slippers on that Mum sent me once, (not to be seen in public but great for travel) and they are a comfort away from home.


Messages about ‘Quilter versus Artist’ from another group on the internet reminds me of all the things I think of and value as an artist.

I imagine you all feel a similar way, but when I am in a situation with people who ask what I ‘do’ or even  long term friends who consider my life frivolous and can’t understand my passion for art, photography, quilting….  that’s when I draw on my inner sanctum and  and retrieve my consideration for those who ask the question.

I saw this statement recently.

“I relate to everything—history, photography, and even my own emotions and creativity—through my expression of art. It just feels like a natural part of me, and is the language that I want to speak in and communicate with.”

But it’s not understood by all and…….. am I concerned?….. not really.

There are more important things in life really.

I’m proud to be a ‘Quilter’ if someone thinks I sit home and sew patches or make tissue box covers and my life is an extended hobby. That’s OK too.

I know who I am and I am very comfortable in my skin I don’t feel the need to make others understand.


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  1. Nedra says:

    Knowing your amazing talent, it would feel like asking Van Gogh does he finger paint, or Mozart does he listen to music? I’m so glad you don’t feel a need to explain your creative life. Your work shows it all.

  2. Lynn Spillane says:

    Well said. Pam. I feel exactly the same,and I accept the fact that not everyone understands the need to be creatively productive

  3. Amen! I used to let my younger sister’s comment “I wish I could have to playful world you have” bother me. I no longer do because what I do is important to me to those that I share with, nothing else matters when it comes to my artful, playful ways that I sometimes make money with, hehe You are totally awesome! Pamie G.

  4. Pam says:

    Thanks Ladies…. I felt I needed to vent a little…. I get so cross with the attitude of some. “Quilters versus art and how do we explain it!!!!” It is a minor issue when there is so much we need to do to make our world a calmer and safer place.

  5. I accept the fact that not everyone understands the need to be creatively productive. Great post.

  6. Helen says:

    Hey, I know this might sound a little naive but is a quilter somebody who makes rugs? I am from the UK and unsure, I came across your blog, I too make carpets, but I am unsure whether this is the workings of a quilter?

  7. I could have to playful world you have” bother me… I accept the fact that not everyone understands the need to be creatively productive.. Good post.

  8. I have always loved expressing myself through the use of arts and my broad imagination. People sometimes say that I am different and it actually makes me happy for being different means being unique. And being unique makes your masterpiece memorable.

  9. Pam Holland says:

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    This is a re-blog from 2011…not much has changed really.

  10. Rosa Girón says:

    Important things in life only can be determined and defined by the person walking through its own life.
    Why to be concerned?
    I love to read your thoughts and ideas. Thanks for sharing.

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