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Quilter, Pattern designer, photographer, illustrator, Travel Artist in Residence, Judge, Author.

“Artists are inventors, shaping the new from the already established”

Some of my ideas about quilts come to me through the whisperings of those who came before me and things unknown. I call them my Whimsy ideas !

Other inspiration comes from nature, my photography,  my experiences in travel and the light in my expression as I see the world as a very special place. 

To be really honest, I just love sharing and enthusing students to look at the world just a little differently and express it through Textile Art.

All of my quilts evolve from the experiences I have as I travel. I will share beautiful images, and the stories of the inspirational people I meet on my journey.

“My Life Journals in Textiles”

A Textile blueprint as a career for the past 60 years has imparted a lifetime appreciation of Fabrics. I began my career as a Photographer and Fashion Designer. 

I’m unable to travel and teach right now, but this viral imposed homestay has some benefits. Due to the pandemic, I’ve recently joined forces with my three Sisters who are also designers in their own right, and we are currently designing fabrics and beautiful garments for women of ‘cultured age.’ 

For 25 years, I’ve travelled the world, teaching.  But over the past ten years, my focus shifted to studying textiles in their purest form, from the cotton fields of India to the remote villages of Guatemala, Thailand, Morocco, Mexico and Africa and sharing my ideas with students and participants.

It’s been a journey of study from weaving, dyeing and printing to sitting in a mud hut in the deserts of India and joining women to create day to day textile masterpieces to feed their families and supplement their income.

 Like you, I use fabric as a medium to create art through the title of Quilting. 

Fabric serves practical functions.

Fabric communicates messages and ideas.

Fabric has value.

Fabric depends on technology.

Which fabrics and why?

I wanted to hear more. Your stories are real and emotional and have given me a new perspective on the art of Quilting

Linda Stanton.

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Slow Quilting

Ricky Tims
2020 Cheesecloth portrait

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