The pattern for the Sockittome image.

If you click on the word Socks, you can download the PDF pattern for the socks. If you type in Sockittome in the search page you will get all of the instructions on how to make the quilt

The Sockittome – challenge is completed.

So the Sockittome quilt is done. My 5th quilt since Christmas and I managed another 20 feet of the Bayeux so I’m rather pleased as I pack them all in my bag to travel.

Sockittome – the quilting- Capture and Create.

To be really honest, I had no idea how I was going to quilt the piece. By that I mean that turquoise. The socks are dimensional with shading by pencil following the shadow underneath the sock. Handling the piece has rubbed some of the pencil off, but I will re do it when the stitching is finished.

So to the Sockittome saga – challenge.

It was also suggested that I add the crease in the fabric. At first I thought, goodness I can’t do that, but I had finished one sock today and I really liked it and those words resonated…. “I wonder if I could do that” So I did and I think it looks great.

Sockittome – Challenge, now for the quilt compostion.

The next step was to audition them on different backgrounds, however, I came to the decision that they look best on a plane color and I chose, turquoise Cherrywood fabric. I want to add the orange vintage knitting needles at the top and they would get lost on a patterned fabric.However, I discovered something when I placed them on the background. I hadn’t removed the tracing paper from the fusible so they were a little stiff and they threw a shadow on the fabric underneath.

Sockittome. – Challenge.

I got up early and completed the drawing on fabric.

As I mentioned in the previous blog, the white fabric I’m using to draw on is a very tight weave and I’m using a 0.1 pigment ink pen. Using pigment means that it will never wash out. It is there permanently

Sokittome – the idea and the process.

I could have appliquéd it but you all know I love to draw stuff so that’s what I decided to do. There will be appliqué on the quilt and quite a few embellishments but at this stage I’m just doing the drawings.

sockitotme – challenge

I don’t have much time today to work on this, but I did a little preparation. The first thing I do is get out the good old Moleskin sketch book.


The socks came out of the drawer, the fabric I might use, the vintage knitting needles I’ve been collecting for years and then I look at the shape of the socks as they are laying there.