Craft Tours Quilt Cocoon

Kaye England overheard one of the students mention that she was a Vietnam vet.

The wheels sprang into motion and in just a few hours a Quilt of Valor was on its way with Rita Pennington, who is the Land of Lincoln coordinator for Quilts of Valor here in Illinois.
Rosemary Dawes was the recipient and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house as she was surprised during one of our evening events. I made a small video and I’m happy for you to share it with other vets and indeed your quilting community.

The sewer.

He doesn’t have a fancy studio, he doesn’t have electricity or even a roof over his head but he sits day by day on the side of a busy road in the dust and the smog of continuous stream of traffic spewing black smoke into the atmosphere as it passes by.

Telling the story through textiles.

On our last day in Kathmandu we had some free time so friends Ginger and Rose and I took a walk around the area of our hotel.
Just a few doors from the hotel we came across an amazing compound. I brought forth the most amazing surprise.

Images from Nepal.

These are just f ew images taken over the past few days. the colors just explode and its almost as if I am living in a painting.

Paubhas painting.

Our first stop was at a traditional painting studio.

Paubhas are painted on a rectangular piece of canvas. It is prepared by applying a mixture of buffalo glue and white clay on it. The surface is then rubbed with a smooth stone to give it polish. The painting is done according to the rules and dimensions handed down by tradition, and artists cannot exercise their creativity.

Day one, the Great Boudha Stupa and the history area of Bhaktapur.

The air was crisp and a heavy cloud of dew settled over all who ventured out. The sun produced an orange glow to everything and it can be the most difficult time to photograph and also the most exciting because of the interesting light. We met, for the first time as a group on that walk, sharing conversation with each other, and also some of he locals who’s smile would welcome you with friendliness.

Day one, the travel day of many.

The flight has been about as fine as an almost 14 hour flight can be. The European faces are in the minority and we the Aussie and the Americans stand out….

The cast and most of the crew are on board and in my role as Guide I have kept an eye out for them with occasional walks up and down the aisle to say hello.

Walking in Hollywood

Today the sun was shining, the day was warm and begged me to take a walk. The hollywood walk of fame is just a few blocks away from my hotel so I wandered down there. Past the historic Grauman’s Chinese Theatre and I stood on the pavement and watched the crowd.

Journey to LA – How did I do it.

I have had a lot of interest on the image I added to face book today.

I thought I should share with you how I created it. In essence its a little bit like thread painting with a pencil.