Plans change

The best laid plans

Each morning, I come out to the shed and open up the computer.

“What do I have to do today”.

It’s all in the calendar. Each notation in a different color and to do’s on the attachment at the side.

It’s a great feeling to tick them off.
Well, yesterday was to be a day to prepare my 2006 diary for printing. 
The best laid plans of mice and men….. My printer is having a hissy fit and despite working on it for an hour or so I’m not going to get the results I demand.

I decided to sort out the years traveling stuff.

 As I travel I save things, bizarre things, like……. hotel key tags, boarding passes, tickets to events, cards from students and friends and even police reports….. yes, I have two. One when I talked the cop out of a speeding fine by showing him my quilts (is that called perverting the course of justice)? The other from South Africa when I got mugged.
It all goes in the diary. 
Comments, good and bad and my reactions. 
I pulled out the pile of “things” and memories return as I look at each one. Cards from the girls in Washington State. It reminded me of the days I had free exploring the countryside and meeting the most wonderful people.

“Ding” goes the signal for incoming mail.
Oh, its spooky, there was an email from one of the quilters I spent time with on that occasion.!!!!
87 boarding passes, at little bit excessive and 35 hotel keys.
I sorted them out into months and returned them to their box for another day when the printer returns to normality. 
Darn it, I’ll go shopping and get the last minute food items.
Return home laden with bags.
Now for the presents.
I hate wrapping presents, so I decided to make it more interesting. I got out all the wonderful paper and bric a brac I collect while travelling. Just the norm, like porcupine quilts, stamps, papers and ribbon and antique buttons.
I made each of the troops a special message card to accompany their present.
I’ll add a photo journal of the cards. I decided to photograph them, because I enjoyed making them so much, and some who are not very arty, might throw them out with the discarded wrapping paper.
It was so much fun, and even better than doing the journal.


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