Different Angle

I took the photo on the floor rather than the wall, so Mr’s head is a little distorted in this picture…. but in reality it’s  perfect.

I bought most of the fabrics in the USA. however, many have been changed to fit the quilt. particularly his denim pants. I began with a plain blue cotton…I tea dyed it and then discharge dyed with bleach in the pattern. The pants are not heavily quilted to give the effect of a garment.

His Jacket is heavily quilted and illustrated over the black.

Her dress fabric is fun…. I illustrated the pattern and then quilted it. The rick rack is cut from a piece of cream fabric…..

The house at the back of the quilt is drappliqued and appliqued… I purchased some super fabric in the States. I used it for the faces and the background appliques.

The faces are appliquéd and quilted only on one side to give a dramatic effect.

The illustration is the back of the quilt…. of course it is reversed because I’ve followed the quilting lines.

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