The weekend

A weekend with friends is like a breath of fresh air.
We ate too much, changed the world, discussed quilting, woodwork, scrumbling, cooking and the others discussed native plants while I worked on the computer…..!!!
There were four couples and our paths have crossed in many directions over the years. In some instances it has been through quilting,  education, or even just a casual acquaintances….
Pauline, our lunch host is the most interesting person. She and her partner have built a Mafraj….
What on earth is a Mafraj I hear you say. Well a short description is a top floor room in a Yemeni house build solely for socializing.
Pauline’s Mafraj looks out over the ocean on one side and up to the hills on the other. Crisp white walls, low seating benches and numerous lounging cushions are a wonderful backdrop to the small wooden African chairs and  tall Asian dining bench that furnish the room.
The "Trollops" gather there for fun, food, conversation and creative expression. We just sat and talked and I let the camera run for half an hour or so….

There is something special about just visiting with your friends (who by chance happen to be women)

Picture below is "Scrumbling"  I love it…. I could even be tempted to take up the crochet hook.

The picture below that is a head decoration for a camel….. just wonderful.



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