Classes are over for the day and I have to admit to being rather tired after a full day of teaching.
I think most tutors would say that they like to retire to their room to wind down. So staying in a hotel is a better option for relaxation. But on saying that I also enjoy interaction after class, dinner and social chats etc, and I get to meet the most interesting people that way. But the hotel room is always a winding down sanctuary.
Barb kindly took me out to Simpson’s Gap last night. Unfortunately the sun was almost down so I guess I missed the best photos, but I still shot a few. We sat in silence and waited for the rock wallabies to appear. A few ventured out, but they were probably waiting to party after we left.
I had dinner at a local restaurant, caught up on the emails and fell into a deep sleep at 9.00, unheard of for me.

Once again the day went so fast, we had a great day and everyone achieved their goal. I have put the photos up on my web page. for you all to share. They have a lot more work to do with quilting and embellishments, but realistically for around 10 hours physical work their accomplishments are exciting.

I’m actually going to feature this quilt because the student is just 14 years old…
I think she has a great future in Quilting.


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