Friends and Roses.

Dsc03410_2Just had a few precious days with friends Di and Caroline who flew down to Adelaide from Queensland to play for the weekend.

We ate too much, laughed and chatted. Talked in sad and sober tones sometimes but we had a great time.
I have been working all evening at putting up a slide show of "The Cedars" the home and studio of Sir Hans Heysen, one of the places we spent time at on the weekend.
It’s a magic and inspirational place to visit and considering that it is just five minutes from home, I should go more often.
Maybe I will get it up tomorrow. However, if you click on the photo library in the right side panel you will see some of the photos I took this afternoon of the roses I have in vases in my house. I’m sad when they fade and so by taking photos of them they last forever. These are all tea roses… they figured prominently in Hans Heysen paintings and still grow in the gardens surrounding his house.


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