Hotel from Hell

"Gees louise"  I’ve had to put up with Google in French and now it comes up in Chinese here in Hong Kong, you sure have to be flexible.

Well it would  seeing as I’m in Asia.

I’m in the business center in Cathay Pacific club. The room is as big as a stadium and I can see only one other person !!!! Got a 16 hour layover…. so I had a shower and a leg and foot massage and a sleep and I’m doing just fine…..
I left my boy in Paris in the capable hands of his friends Bastian and Ricco who say "We have plans for you Jamie" Jamie met the guys when they were working in the snow last year…. They stayed with him in Adelaide for some time. Bastian came to the airport to meet us yesterday….. he said "I can’t believe you are here in France, I’m so excited"  with that french accent he could say just about anything and I’d enjoy it…!!!

On our way to the airport hotel yesterday we detoured to Monet’s Garden in Giverny.  it was magical.  I literally took 100’s of photos. I did  a few sketches and I’m in love with France. Dsc02116_2
I bought a book of sketches for myself and my lucky friend Mademoiselle Mill, I could only get the French version and it’s in the case so I can’t tell you the name of it…..

Our last night in France  was interesting.

I booked an hotel near the airport… it was difficult getting a room because of the Rugby so we had to share. The Ibis…. give it a miss folk. I don’t normally go to 3 star but we had no choice. The room was as big as a  handkerchief. We lined up for 3/4 of an hour for dinner, ordered duck and got lamb. (2 hours later) which they insisted with lots of gesticulations …"It is special duck mademoiselle"

yeh 4 legged duck with wool. You can’t fool an aussie with lamb.

Amid sirens and an ambulance arriving (seems the chef cut himself rather badly) but several tables got up and walked out….seems he bled on their food.

So we left (by that time it was 11.30)    Jamie went to the bar and I worked till 1.00 on bread and water.!!!! sigh.


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