I’m a little slack….. I’ve not had time for the blog, I had to complete some video editing…. you will be able to see it soon on The Quilt Show with Ricky ad Alex.

It’s been an interesting day today….
I had an appointment at at the skin specialist at 10.30….. I was blissfully working on the computer when I realized it was 10.00 am….

So a five minute shower, dress and a rush down the hill to arrive 10 minutes late….
Never mind, the Dr was 1 hour late…..

Well, she was the funniest Dr I’ve ever been to, she didn’t stop talking the whole consultation as she checked all my blemishes….
She was like a CD on  fast forward… I could hardly stop from laughing…. except she was serious…

OK, we’ll take those two off right now she says…
I was a little surprised I must say..

So I left with 12 stitches in my back and 6 in my thigh…. I sure didn’t anticipate that…..

Works out I can have the stitches out between gigs…

I was a little in shock when I left the car park and backed into their fence, but I was too embarrassed to stop so I went up the road a little before inspecting the damage to my car…. fortunately there was none… I think the fence was OK…!!!!!!!

But you know we’re quilters so a few stitches don’t put us off… so I paid a visit to the local Janome dealer for a new foot and then I decided to go shopping…

Now the pain has set in, so no work on the shed tonight….

Jamie seems to be getting into the spirit in Beijing too…..!!!!


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