My Birthday is over.

It’s been a day full of fun.
Fabulous photo ops.Dsc01582
Fun with the GrandiesDsc01597

Our new baby Dsc01614

and dinner with the troops. Dsc01616
Callie made gourmet pizzas finished off with her new invention chocolate spring rolls….
YES, hot spring rolls with chocolate and hazelnut inside with ice cream /cream.
The noise was up more than a notch, with older family members egging on the littlies…
Now they’ve al gone home, the dishes are washing, the koala in the back yard is recovering from the excitement, and I’m going to have a strong coffee and a good lie down.!!!

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  1. Chris John says:

    Pam, she is so beautiful (they all are) and so alert! Another bright spark to keep challenged and stimulated.
    Chocolate spring rolls!!??? What was the verdict on the taste?
    Your lion photo is fabulous. I must make the time to visit the zoo next time I am in Adelaide.

  2. That new baby is beautiful, to match her name.

  3. maree watt says:

    Sounds like a Nice Birthday all round..lovely pic of you with the little ones…now those chocoloate spring rolls would be right up my alley…..were they yummy!!
    belated Birthday Wishes.

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