At the end of the day.

The life of a traveling Quilt teacher…
At the end of the day…….

1.Fall exhausted on the bed in your jamas.

2. Put on the daggy free socks you got on the Qantas flight.

3. Turn on a banal TV program and think about the days class.

"What direction did it take."

"Did I achieve as much as I needed in the time allotted."

"Have I met the needs of each student"

I then work through the projects of each person, make mental notes and reach for the note pad on the side table.

Sometimes, I give myself a talking to, 95% of the time I'm pleased with the results.


Today in class, we talked about making a quilt for competition….

I've had more than my share of luck and accolades and recently I have seen a side of competition that makes me rather uncomfortable.

Well, I guess I should be honest and say that I've been feeling that way for some time now.

I'm just going to continue working on my major project and share it with like minded people…but I don't think I will ever enter another quilt.

I've actually never made a quilt for competition…. The quilts I make, come from  a deep emotion that  I need to express through the art of quilting. I'm tied emotionally to each piece of work.

In making the Bayeux, I'm striving for perfection, but it's a personal challenge. Nothing to do with anyone else…. It's my Mt Everest.

Some how I want to keep the "P" for personal, personality, perfection and professionalism close to my heart.

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