An orange Rhino.

DSC07562It's been a darn miserable day here in the hills today. Windy and cold.  I feel like providing an umbrella for the koala up the tree.

Keith and I escaped to the market for breakfast. I had a reflexology massage, we bought delicious food to feed the troops tomorrow at yet another party and then to the Travel agents to put in our  visas…

Then I decided to clean my car (inside) …. it has to be neat guys… it's not much use washing it outside in this weather though… I leave that up to the car wash guys anyway.

Then I snoozed in front of the fire for an hour before venturing out to the shed…

I thought I would show you what the fabric pieces look like without illustration
I'm focusing on the top part of his leg, (not the shoulder). It looks like an orange blob even though I have illustrated the spots on it……. it's flat….

I've enhanced the spots… blended the edge with a brown an black pen… in fact, I've lost a little detail in this photo…. the orange and yellow in the picture always bounces back…
The leg is really rather dark on the right hand side… I added black net and grey shading, but it doesn't show up in this photo…. It's interesting, you can see the thin line of fusible web glue, but no the net in the photos…..!!!!

I will take a photo without lights tomorrow…now I need to work on his underbelly…..

I don't normally work on a design wall. but it has been an advantage in this case because it is such a large piece….

Time for tea, Gretchen Wilson has been pumping out her tunes for the past few hours keeping the neighbors on their toes.

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