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I just had an email from Lizzie with notification of this fabulous production…. It begins tomorrow, Wednesday.

Guys this is the way quilting is being shared now…. Not over the table, but over the internet… we're so lucky.


before you say, "Oh, but we are missing out on the face to face side of quilting…"

I'm going to say hogwash.. you can still join a group…. these things offered are add ons… just for us.


If you're a young Mum at home, or you work full time… sometimes you can't afford the time to join a group, the internet is a wonderful way to begin.

When I began to quilt and the Internet was new…. I would pour over the Quilting chat pages… I belonged to Squilters and the Quiltersbee It was the highlight of my day to read the messages.

I devoured the technique pages and the emails from interesting people in far away pages. That's why I love writing a blog each day. It puts me in touch with all you wonderful folk.

I was known as Pam in the Shed… I still get people asking me if I was that strange lady from down under.

But look what we have now. Wonderful, wonderful tutorials, great ideas and techniques being displayed.

We have so many resources now.

Free online magazines, Quiltposium

L Quilt with classes online,

Ricky and Alex and the Quilt Show.

and stay tuned for my online book!!!!

So take a look at this new production

Talking Threads

I've had a lovely day today…. I quilted all day. I've probably got another 24 hours of quilting to do on the texture piece before it is finished.

I listened to the most interesting things on TV. But sometimes I feel the need to engage in conversation with some of those silly people. So I did a little forceful conversation to no one but the TV as well today.

Keith dropped something the other day… it landed with a crash and a swear word slipped out….  Tilly, feigning horror, said "Oh Papa, you can't use that square word"

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  1. Kathy Wahl says:

    Thanks for keeping us informed about all these wonderful online resources. My only frustration with them is my computer connection. Sometimes it is sooooo slow, even though is is supposedly a “fast” connection, it takes forever for stuff to load. (I actually got up and put a load of laundry in the washer one day while waiting for Quiltposium to load. The laundry is down the at the other end of the house!)
    Thank you for being so generous with your talents and sharing of information.

  2. Pam says:

    Bad luck, but it is worth it in the end.

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