Block No 2.

Thought Process:-

I have an idea…..

Do you remember I mentioned that I want to do some blocks with maps….?

This block will be of something that I treasure each day.  So I decided to get a map of our suburb off the web, print it and then scan it so I could subdue the color in I photo.


                                                                  subdued print

I then printed it onto Printed Treasures 100% pima cotton… it's 200 thread count.

I'm not a great fan of photos printed on fabric… but I know many people like them for memory quilts.

I want to subdue the image more…. how can I achieve that effect.


Then I remembered I had dyed some sheer cotton muslin. So I laid a strip of the two colors over the top of the map.

Now I can just see it through, and it gives my background and interesting texture.

As I travel, I collect things, (mainly paintings and prints) and the following photo is one of my treasures.


It's called the PIGEON, by Joseph Crawhall 1861 – 1913.  Gouache on linen and I found it in the Gloasgow Museum, The Burell Collection.

This images serves two purposes. It's a reminder of my visits to Glasgow and the Burrell Museum and I have white doves that give me so much joy each day.

I'm going to applique the Dove/pigeon onto the background…. how !!!!! not sure yet, stay tuned.


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