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  1. Love those lillys.

  2. Chris John says:

    Love the dimensional look of the lilies. I am intrigued by the addition and the placement of the lilies. What was the inspiration and the thought processes that led to this decision Pam?

  3. Pam says:

    The flower symbolism associated with the calla lily is magnificent beauty. The calla lily is visible in many of Diego Rivera’s works of art and has come to symbolize Mexico.
    Whilst in the village I would see women walking with bunches of lilies in their arms.
    I have collected pieces of Mexican art and each piece features lilies.
    There is a great painting by Diego Rivera. There is a woman sitting just as the woman at the bottom of the quilt and above her is a halo of lilies….
    That’s the inspiration and the idea for placement.

  4. Chris says:

    Thanks for making that connection clear for me Pam. It’s so handy having the artist at the other end of the internet to explain the inspiration and symbolism in a piece of work. It’s now always easily apparent to the viewer who has no experience of the culture of Mexico.
    Great work, once again.

  5. Glenda Hepburn says:

    WOW Pam, just love the whole concept but the lillies bring the whole quuilt to another demention. We use to have these lillies growing wild on our farm in NZ when I was growing up & I never realised then how beautiful they were. My mum said they were all-ways used in the church for funerals when she was litlle & every one grew them in their gardens or on the farms for that reason!!!!!! Cheers Glenda

  6. Pam says:

    Chris, sorry I didn’t explain it better…. I sort of just get carried away with the moment some times.

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