Easter Eggs, spiders, floods and leaves. What a day.

The heavens opened today, we had 2" of rain in the hills in a very short time.


I was out working in the shed, when BANG, everything went out.

I thought it was a power outage, but there was power in part of the house…

So dripping wet, I investigated and worked out that water had leeched into the power line to the shed.


So I just ignored it, took the laptop to the table upstairs and worked… fortunately I have a portable internet key.I could have finished the quilting on the Rhino, but it was a bit hard with no machine.

However, I worked a little on my challenge idea for this week.

I thought….maybe I could use this guy? but I decided against it….


I have an elephant ear plant outside the studio, it's huge and as the leaves die off  they turn a wonderful color.

So that's the subject of my challenge.

Last night I scanned the top part of the leaf into the computer. (the entire leaf is too large)

I printed it onto a fine muslin with fusible web on the back. I cut it out, fused it to the green fabric and then added shadow to make it look as if it's dimensional.


The original leaf.

The scanned image was printed on fabric and illustrated around the edge to make it dimensional. It look pretty real.

So in the dark, with no power, I played with texture and color, that was interesting. Goodness knows what I'm going to do with it… BUT it will have to stay on the design wall until I get back by then I'll have an idea.

So I ate half an Easter egg and felt happier.

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  1. Only half and egg? I got stuck into all of mine. Love the design

  2. Chris John says:

    I trust the shed itself held up to the rain. Like Carolyn I too am puzzled/bemused by half an Easter egg. How do you stop at the half way point? I can’t stop half way through anything except a sudoku which has become too tricky.
    I think your leaf is quite intriguing and am looking forward to how it progresses. Perhaps it is now time for your spider to put in an appearance.

  3. No Internet, rains, power outages…sounds like you need a trip to sunny St. George.
    Have you thought of using Texture Magic for some of the pieces needing texture in your designs?

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