Skirts for Fairies.

I've had a busy day today, with business and babysitting…  well NO, "Tillysitting."358133283_9ff5ae8790

We found red gum blossoms on the ground just outside the Kindergarten gate.

Skirts for Fairies we think.  

There must of been thousands of fairies out having a party last night and they left their skirts on the ground….I had little time to think of the Chicago project, but I've just come out to the shed and begun work on it  again.   I made another print of the drawing and cut it up to add to the left hand side of the quilt.

It was spring when I did this drawing, there were so many flowers and birds right  in the center of the city… and the background fabric features birds so I thought I would add a couple of birds to my quilt too.

I had a scrap book illustration and I scanned it and re-sized it and re-drew it to make my own drawing….

Now I will trace it on to the quilt by putting it on a light box and tracing it through. I'm going to use a .05  black pigment ink pen to achieve the detail.

The hats will be blue in keeping with the blue in the background  fabric and also because there were a lot of blue flowers in the center of the city.



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  1. Wendy in Kennewick says:

    It will be interesting to see how you quilt this one. The quilting on the apple tree caught my eye. Is it an illusion that it looks hand quilted (broken stitch line) instead of machine (continuous stitch line)?

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