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Working on drawings today… this will be a quilt sometime….

The buildings of San Miguel.

Then I had to do this for my homework…. the maid kept throwing out my flower… so I sort of had to guess a little bit.

The art is breathtaking here… and I have broken down some of the images into three sections…

First of all I'm always interested in texture….


Texture…. you could draw on fabric with a black pigma pen and then quilt on the lines.

You could use images similar to this as quilting patterns… ever thought of drawing on the back of your fabric and quilting through the back….

I have actually used a heavily patterned fabric on the back of the quilt and quilted in reverse….quilted the back and the bobbin is the quilting side.



Whoops time to go out …more tomorrow…


  1. oh Pam, I confess, this is my first time to your blog…oh my! such gorgeousness! I will definitely be a regular reader…..
    and so great having you ‘in class’


  2. Jane, thanks a million….and thanks for your wonderful comments.
    I guess you can tell we love this place and I know you are coming down here next year, or is it later in the year?
    We’d be here in a heartbeat if we didn’t have family at home… but we have a very large family and it would be a bit difficult to bring them all over… so… 3 months a year will be it…


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