An Audition – is the fish under the water?



Do you Audition your quilts.?

Most of my quilts need an audition… and in this sample I wanted to see if I could create a feeling of fish in water, behind the '"Big Fish"

I have layered pieces of hand dyed muslin over the top of a fish…. and quilted over it.

I've manipulated the muslin, adding shading in the form of different colors…

But I've been consistent with the thread….. (nothing fancy I don't have another color to match)

I now know I can't add a piece like the light strip in front of the fish…. it's distracting… and I loose the outline of the fish.

Up to date I've sandwiched the three layers of the quilt, now I'm cutting out the images to go under the muslin.



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  1. Sally says:

    Love the fish art you are doing! But I’m wondering about the fabric terminology now. I’m signed up for your class in Cincinnati and the supply list includes “good quality muslin.” I have a piece of what-we-in-the-U.S call muslin but you are using something here that you call muslin and we would call “cheesecloth.” So… the off-white cloth I have what I will need or should I be bringing cheesecloth? Thanks, Pam!

  2. Pam says:

    Sally, we call cheesecloth (muslin) here in Australia…
    The muslin I requested is the muslin you know…. and we call it Calico!!!! just a little confusing….
    So you need the muslin you use in the USA
    hope that clears things up

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