London in Lockdown and travel

My computer tells me that it's 4.00 am in the morning in the USA.

I've just 'done' reading with Tilly in Australia via skype, its 6.30 pm there and here in Birmingham it 10.00 am.

It's no wonder I get confused sometimes. !!!!

I have a great room at the Hilton overlooking the lake and into the bowels of the convention center…. but it's grey and chilly here today. It's beginning to rain. It's Very different to the 100 degrees plus I left in Arkansas.

I'm going to be so busy over the next few days that I won't even notice the weather.


There is consternation at the dramas playing out here in the UK with the rioting going on.

"You have a generation of kids who don't respect their parents or police"

Police are advising people to put up shutters and stay inside their houses. It's a world away from here but in reality only minutes.  Monday evenings riots were shocking because of their speed and unpredictability. People have been killed and yet life for us goes on as normal. Such is the way of society.


I can't help but think how sad it is to see young people acting in this way… if it was my child or grandchild on the front page of the paper… he/she would have more than the families wrath to deal with.

The trip over here was tiring because I was unable to sleep. However 12 hours in the bed last night fixed that.

Flying into Dublin yesterday morning was like soaring over a hug green patchwork quilt. I only had my ipad out to take photos with, but it does quite a good job. I hope to capture it a little better when I go back there next week.

So today I will get to visit the convention center, check out my class rooms and take a few photos.


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