Things I found at Australasian Quilt Convention 2012

You've all been to quilt shows.

I'm certain you've all been impressed by the quilts you've seen…

But sometimes the art of one or two quilters jumps right out at you and gives you a wallop.

From the age of 13 when I could go into the city by myself, I often visited the Art Gallery of South Australia.

 Margaret Prestons' paintings were a magnet.

I was really taken by  them, I don't remember verbalizing  my impressions to anyone, they were just plain interesting.  So in other words… like the quilts I enjoy,  they gave me a wallop.

Equally I loved the art of Nora Heysen. I would stand in front of the paintings just soaking up the design and color.

Margaret Preston 2
Gum Blossom

In latter years I've bought prints of these paintings from the gallery to frame and add to my house collection.


Self Portrait 1930

It was with surprise that I received that same feeling when I stood in front of the wonderful quilts of Merelyn Pearce.

Merelyn has used the art of Margaret Preston as an inspiration for her own magnificent quilts.




What luck to see so many of them on display at the Australasian Quilt Conference a few weeks ago.

The experience has made me want to study Margaret Prestons art further, surely that's what an exhibition is supposed to do.!!




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  1. Eileen Keane says:

    I wish this exhibit could come to the States, if I haven’t already missed it. Her applique is so over the top fantastic!

  2. Pam says:

    Eileen it’s amazing.

  3. Yvonne Brennan says:

    I was lucky enough to see Merelyn’s quilts at AQC in Melbourne recently (there must have been about 10 of them) all done in the style of Margaret Preston’s artwork. Work I have always loved. Merelyn’s hand applique was exquisite, I don’t know how she worked some of those tiny ,tiny circles ,of which there were many in each quilt

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