Empty spools Asilomar. day 3.


The tree

The trees surrounding the village are  tall and majestic. Closer to the ocean they take on a contorted shape in defiance of the cold winds that sweep off the ocean.

Some are bent as if elderly citizens.

Others appear to defy gravity with branches topped at alarming angles.

All are home to squirrels, birds and a wonderful  shelter for the deer.



The morning mist plays tricks with your eyes and I tried to get down on the beach early to capture the mystery.

It was freezing  this morning but I was determined to get photos before the sun disappeared. The Ocean was black and roaring in anger and the birds skimmed along the shallows despite the waves rolling in.


Foam tossed by the waves skimmed along the surface of the water.


I walked into breakfast with frozen hands and I had to hold my coffee for 5 minutes to warm them.

I've eaten too much, laughed a lot, shared stories and  had a wonderful time. Its inspiring to see the work of the students and teachers.

The workshop pace has worked well and I say thanks to everyone for your kindness and patience.

Tonight after dinner I came across this scene.

I stood quietly and watched them in wonder for a long time. I would love to share the experience with our little people. (the Grandies)

But how lucky am I.

My trusty Nano tells me I've walked 11 kms today and listened to an entire album of Haydn. But no more frivolity, I've got work to catch up on, video to edit and the bed looks soooo inviting.

I have an open fire in my bedroom with wood in a little bag that you set light to… a real novelty.

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