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  1. Lois Bruno says:

    Thanks for bringing Houston to those of us who could not attend.

  2. Pamela Graham says:

    I am so thankful for your blog. Thank you for sharing alot of the quilts which is my favorite part on my last day to photograph and later read all about the artists whom work so hard making them. This is only the second time in 12 years that I was not able to attend festival. I am overseeing construction of an outbuilding and the only day available to pour concrete was the week of festival so here I was almost feeling blue until I had the brilliant idea of having a retreat for those who could not go either! Five girls in my studio for four days, it was wonderful. Thank you for sharing! Sure missed seeing you as well! I am still working on my boots from last year’s class but I WILL FINISH THEN! God Bless you and safe and happy travels! Pamie G.

    1. pam says:

      Pamela…. missed you too.
      We had a good show and tell of previous ‘boots’ they all looked wonderful.
      Good luck with your ventures.

  3. Mary Pearson says:

    Pam, Thank you for the inspirations you spark and the enthusiasm and passion that you share with others when you teach. I had the privilege of attending the festival and, once again for my second festival, learning from talented instructors and artists including you. An engaged mind focusing on creativity can create solutions in life for many issues. Keep traveling, keep journaling, keep sharing. Inspiration gives strength and courage.

    1. Mary.... thank you so much. I intent to share this fabulous art, thanks. says:

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