Thread painting a face.

Its been one of those days where I've tried to fit as many things in as possible.

8.00 am I had a photographic job to do, then morning tea and a talk from our Governor.

Photographs for a sons friend, I went to Mc Donalds for lunch and asked for a 'Whopper' whoops wrong place. Then home to quilt for a few hours.

So I begin my next project.

It's titled  'Hunger'.


I've laid down the base colors for my face. Its an image I took in a small forgotten Hmong village in The North of Thailand.

This small by followed us asking for food. We ended up taking the entire village for lunch.




Right now the eyes are telling me they need a rest. So  10.00 pm, will I fall asleep in the chair again tonight.? 

I fell asleep with coffee in my hand last night.!!!!

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