Put it all into perspective and its pretty darn amazing.

I enjoy the window displays in shopping malls and this one just took my fancy today.
Of course I love the colors, but I really like the image too.


 Travel is a means of getting from one place to another. 

It might be a car ride. 
Then again it could be a boat, ship or plane. 

This gal has ridden on a donkey through the mountains up a very steep path. Well, it was supposed to be a path, any semblance disappeared after the first half mile.

My least favorite was a  very uncomfortable camel in the desert. I lurched from side to side like a drunk. I kept asking him to stop but he didn’t speak English only Arabic. Horses and I don’t work well together  either  somehow my legs just don’t fit around his girth. When I get off, I crash to the ground through lack of circulation in the legs. Its not a pretty sight.

So give me a great big jumbo jet and I’m happy. In the middle of the night last night I was beginning to wonder about my affinity with planes. At one stage it appeared to drop out of the sky and we continued to bump around for about an hour or so. I love being on a ship as it rolls from side to side I reckon I have a chance if it’s going to sink I’ll grab a nice life boat, but the plane is different I think you just fall to the ground, no life boat just a big wing to slide out onto and I don’t swim.

I obviously made it, because I’m writing!!!

On a serious note when I’m in the midst of something like that and its dark and I’m powerless. I wonder about the wisdom  of my ways.
How is it that Quilting or its fancy name ‘Textile Art’ can give me so many amazing experiences.

Today my invitation arrived from the US Embassy in Rome on behalf of the UN.
Its just one more of those experiences.
It matches many others and counteracts the desperation of stolen quilts the missing luggage and being mugged in South Africa! 
Put it all into perspective. Its pretty darned amazing.

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