traveling and teaching

I am Pam Holland


I fly from place to place.

From class to class, venue to venue.

I carry heavy luggage, often beyond my physical capabilities.

From the plane I view in silence great expanses of the world.

Life continues below me, I’m invisible above.

I reach my destination, the comfort of a hotel room, it’s
my home away from home.


Sometimes, I am anxious at staying with unknown people. Inevitably they become friends, but the experiences never diminish the initial anxiety.

I’m nervous but excited the night before a class.

I prepare well and face the class with great expectation.

My classes flow, the students succeed. I strive for perfection in my work and rarely have a problem. I enjoy being with my students and take pride in their success.

I love giving lectures/ presentations, the interaction with the audience is just like having a having a cuppa with friends.

There is camaraderie…

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  1. Lynn Hodge says:

    Pam, is there a way to communicate directly with you and are any of your patterns available for sale apart from attending a class? I could not attend in Indiana as I manage a quilt shop – a lot of show and tell in our shop these days (using beautiful fabric from our shop) we have so many talented and special ladies who share so generously! thank you for your time spent in our area – you have impacted the fiber art world once more!


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