An Indian Movie – Made in India.

“lets go to the movies”

Govind told us of a movie that would premier last night.

It’s the story of a family living on the fringes who faced adversity through the dishonesty of others.
It seems to me that its a statement against the gradual loss of traditional art forms and it reflects the passion for social entrepreneurship as a tool for social and economic development for artisans.

Set in a small village, we watched our heroes, begin sewing on a traditional hand cranked machine sharing the dramas of village life with the audience.

Beautifully filmed and just a tad loud in the theatre, we loved it. I can guarantee you would love it as much as we did.

The theatre was huge, but undergoing renovation, but still the film rolled on.

We were given the “prestige seats” Red cloth of a indeterminable age, up on the balcony, they had definitely been the refuge of a lot of patrons.

A young man came along behind us before the performance and sprayed the atmosphere with heady perfume. Not sure what was worse. The age smell or the perfume, but it was such a thoughtful thing to do.
In the first half Govind would interpret a little for those close to him and the meaning ran like a whisper along the line until it turned into a shout and a totally different meaning. It was hilarious.

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The film score was great, melodic and dramatic as the story wound its magic. It was during the interval that Govind asked them to add the subtitles in English and it took on another entire meaning when we could read the clever dialogue. They even turned down the sound for us.

Another nice touch was that they served hot chai delivered to your seat.

Way to go India.

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