Morocco tour – No 4.

Hope this is not getting boring, but with a little down time and fast internet. I am able to finish the images I promised.

Doors and windows.

All of these images were photographed at the Kasbah of the Udayas.
You go through a Massive gate way and the roads wind down to the sea front.
It’s an ancient walled town that sits on a small peninsular at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean.
This is one of those places that you need to play with light to get the best effect for your images. The narrow alleys create strong shadows and the sun hits the tip of the white walls creating reflections that you can use to your advantage. We had just a 15 minute walk where we could compose images so I think I ended up with more walls than street scapes.






Cats are everywhere, they are well fed and very comfortable with strangers.



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  1. Eileen Paine says:

    Never too many photos! Love the doors. Reminds me of Sidi Bou Said Tunisia.
    See youin March in India. Eileen

  2. Cindyt says:

    It NEVER gets boring!!
    Love your photos and your commentary.

  3. Louise Brown says:

    No boredom, just amazement at the incredible beauty of this place. The color is so rich and juicy.

  4. ien smits says:

    Beautiful! Fantastic colors, I love it!

  5. Pamela Armas says:

    What is it that intrigues us about doors and windows? The portal ins and outs of our life!

  6. glendajean says:

    I feel like Alice and have fallen down the rabbit hole so much colour . love the photo of the cat drinking with the ripples in the water flowing out?

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