The Mojo is back and the tours are on the books.

Have you found that the days have begun to run into one another? The weekend came around extremely fast this week, it just snuck up on me.

Then again, I’ve been busily working in the studio. Quilting, illustrating, appliquéing and writing and venturing out very little.

Here in South Australia, Covid 19 is no longer present in our state, so we are cautiously venturing out to a more normal world.

I forgot how much I love organising and planning. I mean half of the excitement of travel and teaching is the preparation. I’ve been working on presenting information on our South Indian Tour and I can’t tell you how much it’s lifted my spirits.

A worker in the Tea plantation
The scenery is spectacular.

It’s a cold, wet Saturday afternoon. It’s been raining since early this morning, and all my outdoor furniture is soaked despite being under the verandah. The wind has been ferocious and extraordinarily strong.
In a bizarre moment, I thought I might go out and capture the raindrops through the camera lens. However, commonsense prevailed, and I’ve decided to keep dry.
I could be quilting, but I don’t know about you if I start late in the day the compelling thoughts of sitting at the machine float away.
I think I should ready the studio for tomorrow and work inside the house.

In between a couple of interviews and an exciting announcement next week, I’ll get the info out to the public.

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  1. Can’t wait to hear more!

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