Aurifil Artisan representation for June 2021.

Goodness me, here we again, and I hope to be more proactive this season.

I had finished a few small projects earlier this month, and then I was surprised by urgent surgery on my dominant hand, which will now be in plaster for the next month or so.

Before surgery, my package arrived from Italy, so I immediately created a new project.

This is an Angel that will go into a BOM.

She is from my imagination, appliqued, illustrated and quilted.

I call it Drapplique, drawing and applique.

First of all, I created her image and traced it onto white fabric using a .5 black pigment ink pen.

The first version is drawn on the fabric.

I coloured it with Pigment ink.

I will also have this printed on fabric.

However, I needed to create the pieces for the applique and place them on a background fabric for the applique.

Applique pieces and may purpose drawn fabric.

For instance, some of the pieces, her legs and shoes, the hem of her dress and her waistband, are drawn on white fabric, creating my own fabric design.

There will be four angels in the BOM, I will design four different garments. Set face to face, they are joined by a heart.

The details are enhanced by illustrating on the prepared fabric with pigment ink. Giving it an illustrative effect.

I stitched her down with a small zig-zag stitch, 1.3 width X 1.3 length. Then over stitched the entire illustration with 60 weight black thread. (free motion).


Next came the background quilting. I drew a rough idea on fabric and actually free motioned it without marking on the quilt.

I used the Turquoise 28 weight thread. I wanted it to be a feature, enhancing the image rather than a filler.I felt I needed a quilting sample, so others can use it as a pattern, and that was done in 50 weight black on the hand-dyed background.

So my June sample is complete.

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  1. sheriand says:

    Love this Angel she is so whimsical! Thanks for once again explaining the process Pam. You sure do open my eyes to many new techniques. Take care and rest the hand.

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