It’s finished

Water in the Todd is finally finished, I just couldn’t leave it as it was.
I sandwiched this wonderful piece of batik and then just sewed the small quilt on top by stitching around the edge. I think I went round about 8 times.

Then I quilted the background, using a thin 50 weight cotton on the top, and a 60 weight thread "bottom line" in the bobbin.

I didn’t want to do anything fancy, however, I quilted what I call "contour quilting" by using the pattern in the fabric as a guide. As most of you know I leave the feed dogs up, and I think you can see I can get quite an even stitch.

I made two gum leaves, I didn’t want them to be too heavy, so I just layered vliesofix between the two layers of fabric. The pattern is taken from a leaf I picked up outside the shed.

I just drew an outline of the leaf on the batik fabric with the white clover marker and then stitched on that line, filling in with a little quilting. Once I was happy with the leaf, I cut it out of the fabric close to the stitching line. I stitched them on when I had finished quilting the background and but before I had stitched the sleeve.


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  1. Helen says:

    Wow, Pam, that looks great. I like the idea of stitching the picture onto the sandwiched background. Very clever. I could use an idea like that.

  2. Di says:

    That looks better Pammy!!!! You are a clever chook!

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