Well that wasn’t all we did yesterday

At the end of the day with  temperatures in the  mid 90’s we made our way to the annual Blue Grass festival  in a town some 30 miles from Long Prairie. This is the second time we’ve been to this concert…. Set in a natural amphitheater amongst a forest of tall oak trees several thousand country music fans sat for 6 hours of entertainment from the county’s best country music talent….

It smells wonderful because they have laid cedar chips on the ground and  combined with  the pine trees and oaks it was a magical evening….

OOOOH, I’m not a fan of foo foo…. on telly (as I write) there is a project being demonstrated, a silk bib for a child who never makes a mess…. heirloom  sewing I think it’s called.

Whoops where has that darn tuner hidden.


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