Bats in the Belfry

There are bats in the Belfry…. well upstairs actually. A little black bat is causing a  problem as I write.

Whoops I have to leave the computer…. the bat has been captured.!!!!


Oh Gees…. Terry, decided we needed to take it far from home, so he piled the bat in a net in the trunk of my car and we covered it with the lid of a wok so it couldn’t escape, then he put a huge log of wood in it so it couldn’t get out under the wok lid !!!!!  Down the road I drove, about a 1/4 of a mile to a farm house, I sneaked into the drive and Terry took ages to untangle the dazed bat out of the net… I think it may have met it’s demise. We jumped in the car and took off…. the dogs were barking and the lights came on so we may well have been reported  for a misdemeanor. I can see the headlines. International Quilt teacher murders Bat>

We’ll wash the lid of the wok…. and I hope that the darn bat isn’t still in the car when I take off for MN on Saturday.

Well I had a wonderful day today. As you an see by the comments above it has been interesting.

Friend Marcie picked us up at 9.30 and amid a lot of laughter we took off for St Johns. Marcie used to be a Nun, so we were in good hands.


St Johns Bible is being created under the guidance of Welsh Calligrapher Donald Jackson (Senior scribe to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth’s Crown Office)

We had the privilege of seeing many of the pages that have been completed. I was fascinated at the process. This is the first illuminated, handwritten Bible of monumental size (24 1/2" X 15 7/8) to be commissioned by a Benedictine Monastry in 500 years. All 73 books will be presented in seven volumes of approximately 1,150 pages. Planning and work began in 1998 and is scheduled to be completed in 2008.

It’s being made using traditional materials such as vellum, (calfskin) ancient inks, gold and silver leaf and platinum and is being written with quill pens fashioned from goose, turkey and swan feathers.

I urge you to click on the URL and watch the small video, it’s really interesting.

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