I’m going home.

I can’t believe that I have no more classes for at least 2 months….I feel a bit disappointed that my teaching year has come to an end. It’s been wonderful. I really couldn’t have asked for a better year.
I’m sitting here in the San Fransisco airport overlooking a sea of lights as I wait to board the plane home.
I block out everything around me with beautiful music and I can retreat into a world of my own…..
2 months away from teaching  doesn’t mean I won’t be working, in fact I have taken on a huge load…. 2 fabric lines, two books, a few magazine articles and the editing of the documentaries….and of course the major project…!!!!!
But the prospect is exciting…. I get to sleep in my own bed for a while.
Spend time with the family, lay on the settee late into the night….eat bread and Vegemite and live in t’shirts and shorts….. and I have designed quite a few new classes that need to be sampled.
I’ve had a wonderful few days here in Santa Clara…. We had a large crowd for the presentation and the class was great….
You may know that I’m and apple junkie (computer that is). San Jose is the home of Apple and I visited a store today and got to see the main headquarters of the Apple Organization.
Strange what excites us really.
I was taken on a last minute shopping spree today and I managed to fit a dinosaur, wonderful fabric, some vintage wallpaper sheets, ate great mexican food and purchased some new programs into the already over packed bags.


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