One a penny, two a penny

Sp_cr_frenchcountryside_stitchedalpne of the things I love about being in the states is the readily availability of everything.
I spent a day shopping today. I have kits to make up for Long Beach. A visit to Crafts Direct in St Cloud left my head spinning…

For my friends in Australia, England and South Africa. This store is as big as a department store and it caters for every craft you can imagine…

By the way. 
I dislike the word ‘craft’ it has connotations of making lace tissue box covers…
I think it should be more like ‘creative expressions’….

Back to Creative Expressions Direct. You could hang out there all day. There are rows and rows of artist supplies….
I pay $12 for my tubes of water color paint…. here they are $2.50.


There are 1000’s of the most delicious sheets of paper used for scrap booking…. I use them for all sorts of exercises….

Fabrics… OK, some of them are called ‘flat fold’ and are around $5 a yard and are a little cheaper quality… but if you know your fabrics you can grab a bargain. I bought the most delicious graduated fabrics by Daiwabo for EE Schenck.
I got them for $5.50 a yard. i purchased a graduated pewter color, tan, green rose and grey…. OOh it makes the heart pump faster.
By the way, after all that dialog, I’m using none of these in my kits !!!

Maybe I should inform my American friends that we pay $25/28 a metre for fabric….!!! needless to say, I buy what I need here and send it home… it’s still a lot cheaper. Our dollar is almost on a par too.

Now getting personal… my undies are 1/3rd the price here, my make up 1/4 the price…shoes half price and I just love the hamburgers!!!

What more could I ask for.

Oh, and this is the banner I’m trying to get up on the blog… there’s a gremlin in the works….


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  1. kathie says:

    love the new banner!
    amazing the difference in prices…

  2. You are going to have to give me some lessons on that banner thing. You are streets ahead of me. And by the way what drawing program do you use? I have found the drawing tablet but not the program to go with it.

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