My Amish experience

ometimes I just have to pinch myself because of the situations I find myself in. 
I make no apology for being  interested in learning more about the community that I reside in here in the USA.
After 12 years visiting this small town, I still get great delight out of seeing the flags proudly being flown in the main street. It’s a street that hasn’t changed much in 100 years.
Norman Rockwell could have used this town, and the surrounding towns as a background for his fabulous pictures.
I love to go to the diner and see the "good ol’ boys in their jeans, check shirts, red braces and baseball caps. Standard dress here for the guys from 8 to 80 (well maybe not the braces.)
The town has around 2800 residents… and around 30 Amish families are a large part of the community.
You see the open summer buggies with sleek trotting horses in the lead moving swiftly with the traffic. Sometimes the buggies are more sedate and they are driven by Mothers with small children who wave as they drive past.
I’ve had the priveledge of visiting some of the families over the years and yesterday we paid another visit to one of our Amish friends to learn more about her quilts and quilting.

It would be a breach of privacy to share many of the things that I saw and experienced in an open forum such as a blog. But I do want to show you some of her quilts…
This quilt is huge, a full size double bed quilt….Dsc04066
I love the colors and the her quilting is superb.
She uses a treadle to piece the quilt and then she hand quilts it in tiny stitches.

She was excited to show them to me and wanted me to know that there are 5 different reds in the 9 patch block.Dsc04064_2

I think she has a price of $450 on this quilt… so if anyone wants to purchase it… just email me… you are getting a masterpiece at a ridiculous price. She had a room full of quilts and it was wonderful to be able to see them and touch them

I did purchase a quilt for one of my children. It’s a lap quilt made of the finest cotton with beautiful hand quilting and it was made by my friends 75 year old Mother…

I took some of my quilts and she was fascinated to see them. We spent a lot of time talking about the techniques we use in our quilts, and left with a jar of elderberry jelly…… was a gem of a day…

I’ve written down the whole experience… that’s why I was a bit slow getting this blog up…


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  1. maree watt says:

    WOW Pam what a Spectacular Quilt….love the colours…have been following your journey of late……what a Great Adventure you are having….

  2. kathie says:

    What a wonderful day you had.
    Beautiful quilt she made. My dream is to meet an amish woman I could become friends with to learn more about their quilt making ways and life.
    I admire their work tremendously. I am starting to work in solids now and loving it! Next week actually going down to Lancaster to the quilt museum to see the Amish Quilt exhibit.
    Hope you can share more of your day.

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