33461_collage_lostfound_3tgu_i0vf1This photo is the way I feel tonight, a little mix of everything. Lost and found.

I had no internet last night. I thought I had done something wrong on my computer and spent time trying to fix it…. in one foul swoop, I almost deleted all my photos….
Fortunately I have been able to restore them but now I have hours of work ahead of me getting them back in order…..

I woke early this morning, (4.30) the jolly alarm on my phone had me shooting out of bed in a stupor.

I couldn’t get back to sleep so I turned the TV on and there was an elderly lady doing yoga…. OK, my friend Di does yoga, so I gave it a try….

Nup……I have decided it’s not natural, my body in particular wasn’t made to bend that way….!!!!

So I gave that up and watched TV and learned all about the Incas and the Spanish….I was well educated before breakfast… it was then that I found out we had had a storm and the satellite was out….!!!!! hence no wi fi and no problem with th computer….sigh!!!!!

Class has finished and once again I leave here tomorrow really happy with the results over the past 5 days.

I’m increasingly concerned with my responsibility to my students… the bar seems to be lifting higher and higher each year..   When I say bar… it’s really the pressure I put on myself to do the best for my students.

I finish one class and flow right on to another…it’s easy to forget something and I do get anxious  before a big show.

Will my notes arrive on time….? Have I forgotten something……

I have to check and re-check plane timetables and hotel bookings.

I have a few days back in MN and then on to Long Beach in California….
It appears the weather will be extremely hot.!!!!

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  1. Kudzu Fire says:

    the juxtaposition of frames of reference

  2. Di Mill says:

    No one is good at yoga the first time they try…that’s why you have to keep trying and slowly but surely your body will adjust and bend and become a little more flexable!!! Glad to hear you gave it a go though Pammy!!!!

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