It’s special

I just looked at the clock and realized that it’s 11.30. I’ve been editing movies for hours and it takes such a long time that I loose track of reality….

My feet  feel like blocks of ice and I’m suddenly feeling the heaviness of a long day.

10 hours of quilting today  and I find that I’ve entered a place where no one else can go. My personal creative world. I concentrate so hard on my project that I loose all sense of time. Nothing else really seems to matter….

Then Jolt.!!!!!  this evening I had the joy of holding our new baby granddaughter, Savannah Grace, just a few hours old.
There’s nothing more precious than holding that little bundle or the sob of a son on the phone, announcing her arrival.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Judy B says:

    Congratulations, Granny-Again!


  2. maree watt says:

    Congratulations Pam how Gorgeous a new Grand Baby…Lovely Name.


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