Working in the ‘shed’

It’s been nice having a long weekend.Dsc09527   

I stayed in my jamas, til 4.00 pm on Saturday, I’m glad no one visited.

Daylight saving is upon us and I noticed the difference when I was out here in the studio of 4.00 am this morning….. in reality it was only 3.00 am (last weeks time)

I’ve spent a lot of time at the machine and I love it….
I’ve gained a lot of knowledge.

You see, I tape foxtel inside the house… and then play it out here. I don’t care what it is… I just choose a different station each day. I don’t think I would sit down and watch these programs normally on TV.

So today, I learned how dangerous hippopotamus are. I thought they were big ugly things under the water, but they kill more humans than any other animal.
I learned a lot about chimps…. do you know, some rogue ones  steal babies in Africa?
Now I know what areas to avoid when I go back to South Africa. !!!!!! not that they would be able to pick me up and whisk me away.

I cried as I listened to the wisdom of Maya Angelou and I’ve vowed to buy more of her books.

I know how to develop a property in Spain and how to change rooms or even swap families….  it’s most entertaining really.

A wonderful gift arrived in the post the other day from friend Carolyn. A book called "The lost thing" by Shaun Tan…. it’s a great book, a childrens’ book, short listed by the Childrens’ book council. I’ve spent ages looking at it… I love the illustrations.



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