Share your stash.!!!!!


Of course you all know its June… however, I can't believe the month is progressing so quickly.
I've so much to get finished before I leave home. 3 weeks today in fact.This time, I have to organize Keith as well, he will follow me in 3 weeks and bring some of the things I need for classes in England and Thailand

I have a video to produce for the Quilt Show and an important article to write…I can write the article on any subject… but I really want to do something different…

I'm thinking of:-

"What they eyes see, the heart embraces."

But I wondered if you have burning questions you would like to ask an odd Quilt Tutor…..?


I fell asleep on the settee after lunch after a mammoth clean up of my stash….
It's all going OUT…   Even some odd projects….

We all have things in our stash that we know we would never use… some fabric is at least 10 years old…

I used to give it to my friends. Invite them to lunch, tip the fabric on the floor…. and gees it was like a feeding frenzy…. grown women indeed.!!!!

I have over 80 rather large baskets of fabric…. hmm, let me calculate that..
20 meters in each basket X 80 = 1600 m approximately.

I went through 10 baskets and selected 100 metres for Guild charity projects…

No, I won't miss it. My style of quilting has changed… I know I won't need it… and it is wasteful just sitting there…
I packed up about 100 reels of thread…. NO, I'm not generous, it's thread I used as a fashion designer. It's rasant and I don't use it….
It's been sitting there in its boxes just waiting for release for a long time.
It's a bit like your mother saying, "Eat up all your dinner, don't forget some poor child in China has nothing to eat"
Same syndrome really.

So….. Share your stash.

maybe I could share it online!!!!!

How could I manage to do that.!!!!

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  1. kathie says:

    I do this every year or so
    go thru my fabrics decide what i no longer want and either pass it on to friends or donate it to a charity (or guild) for the charity quilts.
    Feels good to donate it and feels great to have my fabric collection a bit under control!

  2. Dolores says:

    My friends and I share our stash (and the other fabrics people give us) in making quilts for charities. We sew, we quilt but we don’t want to raffle them and that’s why we give them away so that some smaller charity can make a bit of money.
    You are so generous in giving yours away (there seems to be quite a bit.) It’s nice to know that someone will benefit and I agree with you that is does no good just sitting in a bin or on the shelf.

  3. Glenda says:

    Morning Pam sounds like some people are going to be over the moon when they receive your fabric.
    “ Eat up there are some children in. China with nothing to eat” My father use to say the same thing & to me from a very early age under 5 that made NO sense as china to me was what we ate our food off!!!!!!
    I remember starting quilting in PNG where new fabric had to be brought in & one of the old expats had cupboards of new fabric & she would have a clean out constantly & I will never for get the first time she gave me a pile of fabric plus samples she had made I was in seventh heaven. I now try & do the same to new quilters when teaching plus teach them to look in Opp Shops. Happy giving every one. Cheers Glenda

  4. Judie Reynard says:

    Hi Pam,
    Last summer I made up 12-60×80 tops for our Church group out of my stash which then goes to the Mennonite Relief in Winnipeg. I loved doing it and it made me feel like a million bucks. Just love reading your blog each day and can hardly wait till next June.

  5. I am sitting here dreaming of what all that fabric lloks like!!! Drool!! I am impressed that you sorted it. And could give it away. I have trouble even cutting up my fabric to use for myself. I don’t have very much so it is precious :).

  6. Pam says:

    Jane how cute…. well, I have the fabric. I don’t buy much really, and I don’t pay $22 metre like we do here in Australia.!!!

  7. Oh Pammy,
    I followed your lead last time you thinned your stash. I was so ill!! I had no idea that I was so emotionally attached to all those pieces of fabric. I gave them as presents for my quilting group. I don’t think I could do it again. Hopefully in 20 years time my daughter can sell them all as antique textiles!!!

  8. I just don’t see why we could not have a “free” fabric post mailing….I know that the governments would understand, or at least I would….you could just fill up the airplane in October and I will meet you at the airport to pick it up, hehe
    but then….everyone wants taxes too…
    oh what to do….

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