Leaving on a jet plane….

Oh, and I've had help today…

DSC07692 DSC07695

The packing is almost complete…
Organizing kits and notes for classes on the high seas, and several different countries is not the easiest thing to do.
Everything has to be co-ordinated….  sometimes I wake in the middle of the night…. "I forgot to order fusible web.
How much can I take in the baggage without being overweight…?
Is it cheaper to buy fabric overseas?
Will the pens, threads and fabric arrive safely in Thailand….

Oi !!!!! if it all comes off without a hitch it's amazing, if it doesn't it's interesting.!!!!

So I have time off tonight to have dinner with my Sisters and Brother, then the kids tomorrow then I'm off.

I waited to book my accommodation in LA till the last minute….  it's usually cheaper, except I didn't figure on Michael Jackson passing away !!!!

The prices doubled in the past few days.!!!!

I decided to make a new blog banner and I have a great background instead of the orange, but I haven't managed to get it on there yet.!!!


The glasses are packed


This lady travels on my handbag….!!!

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  1. Dolores says:

    Your helper is an absolute doll. I love your travel lady’s question. I would really have to think about the answer. Good luck on your trip. Safe journey.

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