I've been fascinated by this image every time I visited Notre Dame. I have photographed it every time I've been there.

My friend Carolyn, keeps me up to date with the most interesting topics…
This is her note from yesterday.

Carolyn's note

"Part of the story takes place in the church of Raphael in Venice.    So, that's your dog.  It isn't actually in the bible but in the apocrypha.  (The books that got left out from the Jewish old testament.)  How do I know it's that dog?  Well that's the only story of a dog  in the old or new testaments."


So this book is now added to the list of must read!!!!!

I'm almost finished Ken Follets books on my Ipod. They are a fictional representation of the construction of the Cathedrals in Medieval society.

I'm enjoying The Guernsey literary and  potato peel society because we're going to Guernsey and I have Harry Potter by the bed side.!!!

"Miss Garnett’s Angel

Miss Garnett’s angel is, of course, the Archangel Raphael. In the
story, Julia Garnett stumbles on this wonderful old church and becomes
fascinated by the story of St Raphael. The Archangel is most often
represented standing with a small boy carrying a fish, and accompanied
by a little dog.

The imagery represents a story in the Book of Tobias, or Tobit, in
the Apocrypha (that portion of the Bible always retained by the
Catholic Church as canonical but discarded by the Protestant reformers).

The story deals with a boy, Tobias, who is sent on an important
errand by his blind father and is accompanied and protected by a
supposed kinsman, Azariah, who turns out to be the archangel Raphael.
The dog accompanied the lad on his mission; the fish probably refers to
the (giant) fish which attacked the boy and whose organs were later
burnt to restore sight, banish demons and ensure safety."

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  1. Geu says:

    This is a test by Six Apart. Feel free to delete it.

  2. Judy B says:

    So, bird poo has healing properties!
    Some days it pays to be the statue!
    Judy B

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