IMG_4441 We set out early this morning. Sergie insists that the traffic could hold us up for about two hours if we left later… He was right. The traffic is chaotic, undisciplined, fast but rather exciting to be in.

Looking for the elusive cup of coffee, we came upon a caviar dispenser… I found that quite unique really.

We visited the Lomonosov University built by Lenin. Just opposite it was a vantage spot to view the city…. and look what I found.!!!




A stroll into a small church… "It's not old" said Sergie, "probably about 500 years or so" I could hardly contain my excitement as I looked around. Hand painted walls and ceilings,


gold icons, long fingers of red candles and the smell of incense….. Oh, and I would have loved to have photographed the lady behind the counter… but etiquette prevented me from doing so.


So at the point of not giving you  travelogue, I will share with you that we visited a monastery, (the oldest in Moscow) and I'm going to add the most unflattering photo ever taken…..!!!! so I'll make it small. Vera and I in borrowed skirts and our scarves on our heads for dignity….

Please note I matched my skirt to my scarf… but the jacket looks a little touristy….!!!

IMG_4515 The Novospassky – or New Savior – Monastery lays claim to be the oldest in Moscow, and gets its name from the fact that it was originally located inside the Kremlin in the 14th Century and, possibly, before that occupied the sight of the modern Danilov Monastery. The monastery moved to the new site, on the banks of the Moskva, in 1491 on the orders of Ivan the Great.

Novodevichy Convent was our other religious venture.. but it was closed so we will return on another day.

The gates were gorgeous… can you see a quilt in this?



A trip down the river, then onto the underground with 1000's of other people. My head was on a swivel… I've never seen such things before… unbelievable underground stations, it's like being in a museum.

Chandeliers in the underground… now that's real style.



We dined in a traditional Russian Restaurant and ate borscht, delicious black bread and things I don't understand, (dip made fro
m pork fat, but they were delicious)
then retired to our friends apartment for coffee and freshly baked apple cake and conversation.

Tomorrow we will visit Red Square and we are going to attend a Military Tattoo in the evening…

We have trips planned to an old Russian village, the country house, St Petersburg and other wonderful things…. I'm in awe…

In the meantime, the classes in Bangkok are full and I'm looking forward to sharing my ideas with students there….

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  1. Rach says:

    That’s a nice look Nonna! Say Hi to Sergy and Vera for us.
    Rach 🙂

  2. candy says:

    Re ‘small photo’- via the magic of computer, when enlarged I can see that Vera is gorgeous! & Pam – we’ve all been there with the scalf thingy!

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